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IT Security is a rapidly changing environment where no two settings or requirements are the same.

OXYG3N approach each assignment in a bespoke way; we Review, Recommend & Resolve and, where necessary, repeat, creating a tailored solution that protects your business.

Why Choose OXYG3N?

Technology holds and processes information. Your information. At OXYG3N, by GB3, we understand that information is a valuable asset and that the level of attention you give it can make or break your business. When your technology systems are properly secured you can operate with confidence, plan for the future and maximise the value of your organisation.


However not everyone shares your good intentions and your information is under threat from generic and specific threats; if the worst happens and you experience a cyber-attack your organisation can face loss of reputation, momentum and the cost of failure is usually significant.


OXYG3N will protect your data giving you the freedom to grow, innovate and broaden your customer-base in the knowledge that all your confidential information will remain that way.

our approach

We have designed unique and easily understood security reviews which, when coupled to our collaborative approach, establish the facts about your data’s security. Once we identify security-related issues, we determine the level of risk associated with those issues and make informed decisions about risk mitigation or acceptance.


Your information is critical to you; intellectual property, financial data and customer records are increasingly under threat from internal and external sources. You can take your next step to securing your information with one of our nine Security services.




We are well placed to identify and offer achievable steps towards a more secure environment. We have a proven track record in assisting and implementing security projects. We don’t have a stock set of solutions or a one size fits all approach. Your risks are as unique as your company so we will create a bespoke security strategy for you to mitigate risks and provide an ongoing secure environment.


We have a great team of experienced engineers who we deploy to assist you or provide you with our recommendations.

Graham Billsborough
Graham Billsborough

Managing Director

Graham is the Managing Director of GB3 & OXYG3N.

With a background in public and private organisations, including MoD projects, Graham understands the importance of security within a technology environment.

Tracy Heaton
Tracy Heaton

Security Consultant

Tracy has a wealth of experience as a Technical Consultant for GB3 and as part of the OXYG3N team.

Her 17 years of experience in the IT industry across many technology solutions mean that she has the knowledge to tailor your requirements into a strong and integrated system.

Tom Frankland
Tom Frankland

Security Consultant

Tom has 14 years’ experience of IT systems which makes him a valuable asset to the GB3 and OXYG3N team as a technical consultant.

With a background in effectively delivering infrastructure projects and support for large enterprise and defence contracts.

James Dale
James Dale

Security Engineer

James is an OXYG3N Security Engineer. With a degree in Computer Forensics we have a unique talent in James and he is often engaged in reviewing systems and implementing new security policies and procedures.



OXYG3N helped one of the leading Retirement financing companies, the KR Group, achieve ISO 27001:2013 accredited certification. The outcome is a demonstration of their commitment to delivering high standards of information security across all of their products, from multiple locations.


OXYG3N assisted Vacant Property Specialists, one of the UK’s largest vacant property security companies, to secure their online presence. The outcome was security assurance of multiple VPS websites.

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